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Mobiloitte Developing Stellar app solutions for fast, authentic, and low-cost transactions.

Blockchain technology has received a lot of demand since its arrival in the market. Blockchain exhibitions in finance such as cryptocurrencies were the first applications of the technology. As the world modernises and the demand for transborder payments increases, companies will push towards innovation in blockchain payments. Mobiloitte believes that Stellar Core is one of the most notable allocated technologies that allow anyone to develop financial solutions effectively & efficiently. Our blockchain dedicated developers have worked on a number of rocket projects and discovered the possibilities with the platform.
Our Steller Development Expertise

Mobiloitte Stellar Blockchain Apps for Startup and Enterprises

With the use of steller API’s servers, Horizon and different SDKs, Mobiloitte is developing powerful & secure Steller based applications that can combine with different financial tools.

 Mobiloitte can help you to build robust & secure wallet applications. By using which you can store any form of cryptocurrency.

Mobiloitte built Steller smart contracts that are advanced by formulating transaction together and holding features such as multisignature, bunching, arrangement & time-bound.

 Mobiloitte top-class experts helps you to find out best opportunities to boost the efficiency of your business and make transactions more secure.

 Mobiloitte top-class experts helps you to find out best opportunities to boost the efficiency of your business and make transactions more secure.


Our team of Steller Blockchain experts has an knowledge of smart contract in depth & top rated experience, Which helps you to find out the threats & waste due to the presence of minibeast.

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About Our Company

Mobiloitte is a premier award winning Software development Company , we help you transform your business with the help of cutting edge technology tools.
Why Stellar

Why Go For Stellar

Transaction Fees

Token fees associated with each operation in a transaction is currently set to .00001 XLM (a fraction of a fraction of a penny)

Resolve Challenging Transactions

Transactions can be booked on Steller platform. Holding of issued asset is possible.

Scalability Transactions

Transactions on Steller platform include one or more activity like payment, offer and fees

Secure Steller

Steller Blockchain network include a public key cryptography technology thet specify that code is well tested by the experts.
Using Steller Blockchain Network

Using Stellar Blockchain Network, Mobiloitte builds

Custom Payment Apps

We develop custom payment and highly secured apps that enables real time solutions & allows users to make decentralized transactions.

Micropayment Applications

Our team of Stellar Blockchain Developers can build applications that allow users to pay off incremental payments.

Mobile Financial application

We build mobile-based financial apps that offer a high level of robustness and security by connecting to the decentralized network.