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Goodyear is an app that helps the customer to find tyres by size of any vehicle model. It allows you to select the best tyres even on offline mode . One can browse the tyres and even have a look at the features of the tyre with detailed information, and thus make comparisons using the compare button. This shall instill confidence in the buyer that he is making an informed decision

App Features

  • Easy browser for tyres
  • Find tyres by vehicles and size
  • Image item display
  • Comparison page

Livpure is an advanced app used to check the filter life of the Livpure RO water purifier, average water consumption per day, and control dispensing options. Further, provide option to operate multiple Livpure products using a smartphone.

App Features

  • Filter check for RO water purification
  • Control dispensing option
  • Option to check, average water consumption per day

Technologies used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • MySql wb
  • Angular js

Zuper is the one stop shop for small businesses, agencies, distributors and service professionals to manage and run your business. It allows you to efficiently manage your business using a simple user experience and help in growing your business.

App Features

  • One stop Business Solution for Managing Business
  • Real-time update tracking
  • Create and manage Job appointment


Bar Examine app works on the concept of sharing and capturing item data based on product tags. The app empowers transport agencies to keep track of product details, invoices, etc. in shipment through tagging and cloud data storage.

App Features

  • Product details and tag management
  • QR code scanner
  • Device camera integration
  • ackend cloud database for capturing data
  • Shipment tracking and management
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